A young girl loss her life, but saved few other lives. Before the visuals, we hear a newborn baby crying, and as the screen fill in, we see a baby crying as the father smiles happily as he is trying to pass it on to the tired mother. The animation follows the growth of the baby girl, Hazel. A scene that shows her taking her first step and follows into her adulthood when she falls in love. As the affection for Hazel develops among the audiences, she will confront an accident that causes her to be hospitalized.
 The next scene we will see Hazel a tube in her mouth and machines around her. Along with her parents and the doctor in the hospital room, Hazel looked at the corner of her eyes, she sees a blindfolded little girl in a wheelchair passing her room. Later, she sees a skinny pale guy pulling an oxgen tank behind him. 
     Hazel make up her mind and look at her parents. Next, we see her parents turn off the machines, putting Hazel to rest. We cut to the acceptors scene, where each of them gets better.  





Hazel Concept

Parents Concept

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