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First Date

In Spring 2017, I was fortunate enough to visit a senior center, located in Culver City Los Angeles. Along with my friends, we interviewed a senior, Gunter Zernik. He was born in Breslau, a pre-war title now known as Wrocław, Poland, in 1926. Gunter is one of the little people who left Germany in May 1939 with a Kindertransport to England. Other than talking about the bitter times, Gunter brought up his first date with his wife. He told us that she passed away in May 2014. Gunter was easy to talk to, funny, lovely and sweet. It was such a sweet moment when he was talking about his first date, so I decided to do his story as a personal project. When I showed it to Gunter, he was very delighted about it. 

Transcribed from the recorded interview:

"My wife was a New Yorker, a native New Yorker, born in the lower east side of New York. . . I don’t know how we ever got past the first date (laughs).  Because that’s a mystery nevermind anything else.


I just bought a yellow convertible for 50 dollars (laughs).  Well...50 dollars were like 500 dollars today, you know...and we went to the point by the ocean...there was a...a night club...and we have a drink there....it was dark and it was Friday night.  I worked hard so I (laughs) fell asleep.  (continue laughing while talking) I fell asleep on my first date. (talking while laughing)  That was the first thing, more to come yet…(laughs) and then I thought...I guess I want to be a big shot, so I bought a cigar and (laughs) I lit the cigar, smoked the cigar, and she hated the cigar. (laughs)...That isn’t the end of it yet (laughs) there’s more to come (laughs) And then we went to...go home and it was pouring...like sheets of rain...you know...much...very hard.  So we got into this convertible (laughs) luckily it didn’t leak I must say but the windshield wiper didn’t work (laughs)  So...so she she...she turn it and it would go one time (laughs) so can you imagine and by the time we got home her finger was all sore from this windshield wiper! (Laughs) and anyway I wanted to make a little amends (laughs) anyway we neck a little, took her home and (pause for quite a while)." 

Photographed by Nicholas Pacheco

"It’s a small picture. . can you see her?  Oh, she looks happy, she was out of the house, she was with her kids, her kids on vacation, she was, absolutely happy, yes." - Gunter Zernik

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